70+ tactics you can use to brainstorm business ideas

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Do you ever wonder how successful founders came up with their winning business idea?

It might seem like magic (or complete luck), but there’s actually a specific approach to coming up with good business ideas. Or really, there are many of them.

Different approaches work for different people. And the good news is that you can just try them all until you find one that works for you.

Over the past two years, I read every piece of advice on coming up with great business ideas I could find.

Whenever I discovered a new great tactic, I put it into a spreadsheet. I consulted this spreadsheet countless times, whenever I needed fresh ideas.

Now I'm for the first time sharing it.

It took me literally hundreds of hours to compile the information in this spreadsheet.

In addition to an explanation of each tactic, I also added a field to indicate for what kind of business the tactic is suitable. This is one of the things I found extremely confusing as a beginner. Many tactics are only suitable if you're looking to create a startup that raises millions in venture funding and tries to change the world.

But most entrepreneurs have zero interest in doing this. They simply want to provide value, be compensated for it, and do it on their own terms.

In other words, they want to build what's commonly called a lifestyle business. And luckily, there are many great tactics you can use to come up specifically with lifestyle business ideas.

So if that's what you're interested in, you can easily filter the spreadsheet to only show tactics suitable for lifestyle business entrepreneurs.

And of course, I added another column to collect examples wherever I could. These are often the best source of inspiration and illustrate best what a given tactic is all about.

I've also started to record short videos (ca. 10 minutes each) to explain each tactic in more detail and demonstrate how to use it to brainstorm ideas. It will take me a while to record videos for all tactics but you will of course get immediate access to all new videos as soon as they're added.

As I'm adding more videos and refine the spreadsheet, the price will go up:

  • CURRENT PRICE: Up to 5 videos: $37
  • THEN: Up to 10 videos: $47
  • THEN: Up to 20 videos: $57
  • THEN: Up to 30 videos: $67
  • THEN: Up to 40 videos: $77
  • THEN: Up to 50 videos: $87
  • FINAL PRICE: $97

But no matter at what point you buy access, you'll always get full access to everything, including all updates.


  • The spreadsheet is a perpetual work-in-progress. It isn't perfect, finished, or complete, and never will be. I'm constantly refining it as I'm using it myself.
  • If you feel like you're not getting enough value out of it, you get of course your money back. Just send me a message at refund [at] jakobgreenfeld.com.

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70+ tactics you can use to brainstorm business ideas

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