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Newsletter Spy - December 2020 Dataset

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Newsletter Spy - December 2020 Dataset

Jakob Greenfeld
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Last updated: 4.12.2020 (No subscription. No updates included.)

You can see a sample of the dataset here.


The database currently contains information on 20,000+ Substack newsletters.

For each newsletter, it's tagline, launch date, creator, creator bio, number of subscribers, pricing options are included. (The average number of comments and likes will be added in the next few days).

The data is made available via Airtable. This way, it's easy to create custom filters.


The database is perfectly suited if you're looking for newsletters to book ad slots in.

If you're a newsletter creator, you can use the database to identify the most successful newsletters in your niche in order to learn from them.

But the database can also be useful if you're just looking for interesting newsletters to subscribe to.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter: @jakobgreenfeld or email: JakobGreenfeld [at]

- Jakob Greenfeld

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