120+ Pain Points that can be turned into businesses

Jakob Greenfeld
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What all effective methods for coming up with business ideas have in common is that they focus on finding problems over ideas.

To quote Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit:

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs still do it backwards and start with an idea, a solution looking for a problem. After months of working on their product, they start to wonder: "How do I find customers for this thing I built?"

Using clever marketing tricks, they might be able to convince a few people to buy their product. But generally it will be an uphill battle and something that can and should be avoided.

It's far more effective to de-risk product creation by starting with a painful problem

The key question now of course is: what are some painful problems that are waiting to be solved right now?

I spent hours digging through all kinds of sources and interviewing people to find promising pain points  and focused on those where I see potential to turn them into a real business.

By buying this product you get access to an ever-growing collection of 120+ pain points.


The price of the product will rise as more pain points get added over time. However, you will receive all future updates no matter which price you paid.

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100-200 pain points: $14

200-400 pain points: $19

400-700 pain points: $29

700-1500 pain points: $39

1500+ pain points: $49

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120+ Pain Points that can be turned into businesses

0 ratings